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becoming a listed artist


Even although knitjapan is targeted at highlighting connections between the United Kingdom and Japanese knitters, anyone can use these facilities to promote their work.

To be listed in the artists section, you must submit details of an exhibition you have had or are going to have. If you are part of a group exhibition and someone else has already submitted it you need to join the group by supplying the password which that person specified when they setup the show (their email address will be listed).

To set up a show, you need to know certain minimum information about the gallery or space where you are exhibiting.


Logon or Register and then log-on
Set up gallery information (if it is already listed you will be show possible matches)
Register one of your exhibitions.
If you know someone has registered your group show, do this instead (password needed)

    begin now by clicking 'members' from the menu at the top, or click 'log on' below if you are already registered.