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setting up your Curriculum Vitae

submitting your CV:

Even although knitjapan is targeted at highlighting connections between the United Kingdom and Japanese knitters, anyone can use these facilities to promote their work.

We make one stipulation - you must have registered an exhibition (or been part of a group exhibition that has already been registered) for your name to appear in the 'Artists' section. Once you have done this - your CV will be available there by clicking your name, as well as under the Exhibitions section within the show details.



Register or log-on
If you haven't registered one of your exhibitions, do this first.
Select 'Create CV' (you can modify it at any time)
Have your CV available to type or 'copy and paste' from
Build up each item, one at a time.

    begin now by clicking 'members' from the menu at the top, or click 'log on' below if you are already registered.