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address: 203 Park Heights, 3-20-13 Tadao, Machida-city, Tokyo 194-0035
date of birth: 1963, Tokyo
education & training 1980-82 Tokiwamatu Yokohama University of Art & Design, Painting
1985-86 Book Binding, Tamagawa Community College
1993 Three-dimensional objects in pottery, Setagaya Museum of Art.
1993-95 Felt making, Basketry, Hand-spinning, Indigo dyeing, Tokyo Textile Institute 
1995-98 Knitting with Textures, Tokyo Textile Institute
1996 Woven Textiles in the Andes and Nazca; Chemical dyeing, Tokyo Textile Institute
1997 Basic Gobelin Woven Textiles, Tokyo Textile Institute
1998 Nude Drawing Workshop, Tokiwa Yokohama University of Art & Design 
2000 Knitting Study Workshop, Kawashima Textile School
exhibitions: 1998 Solo exhibition, Tokyo Textile Institute
2001 Solo exhibition, 'Gallery & Gallery', Kyoto.
'Fushiginoiroito' workshops & exhibition 1992, 1996-99, 2001
work experience: 

1985-95 Miscellaneous jobs.
1995- Secretary.

profile After a variety of small jobs, including shop assistant to a dress makers and work at a clothes production company, she now works full time at an Academic Research office. Apart from the arts and crafts her other passion is Tai Chi. Her earlier work showed an almost obsessive attachment to the history of how she made and handled her pieces. By repeating many times the process of knitting a thread and then un-picking it, she felt she imbued the yarn with her emotions, almost like a form of meditation. Through the process of making many pieces, talking about her work and showing it to the general public, she has slowly come to realise that her work can have its own power, separate from the history of its making. Her piece entitled 'Sickness' was an important turning point and since then her work has attracted increasing attention. This year, she was selected by established gallery to mount a solo exhibition.