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Japan has many excellent knitters and designers & textile companies and we aim to provide a platform to present their work to an English speaking audience.




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fushiginoiroito exhibition

the first fushiginouroito exhibition in the UK opened in Harrogate on 21st November, 2001 after a very successful outing at Alexandra Palace, London

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fushiginoiroito return '

Knitting & Stitching Show 2005 will see the return of the fushiginoiroito team - with a show called 'Beyond the Comfort Zone' that features some familiar faces as well as new members. Keep an eye out for a sneak preview of the work.


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fushiginoiroito 2005

The 'fushiginoiroito' team returned to the 2005 Knitting & Stitching Show, with 'Beyond the Comfort Zone'. They exhibited at Alexandra Palace, London (13th-16th October 2005), and Harrogate (24th-27th November). Some of the exhibitors werel be present on both occasions.


We are still featuring the original 'fushiginoiroito' exhibition, which was part of 'The 2001 Knitting & Stitching Show' at  The International Halls, Harrogate, and at Alexandra Palace, London.

We are beginning to  feature the work of other Japanese knitters, designers and textile artists in our 'Editor's Choice' section. Japanese knitters are often very well-informed about knitting trends outside Japan, but it is rare that we get a chance to see their work. You can also find other selected information about knitting and textiles in Japan in the 'Editor's Choice' section, and as time goes by we will be adding more and more to this - so if this is an area of interest for you, keep coming back.

If you are a knitter (you don't have to be Japanese!) and you've got an exhibition coming up sometime, why not register with knitjapan and add your show to our listings sections? You also find yourself listed in the 'artists' section as a result.

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