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Materials: Wire-mesh window netting 
Techniques: Crochet, sewing. 
Size: H 160cm x W 60cm
Date Made: 1999

The theme of this piece is 'Sharpening Needles'. This work was made after I had made the piece entitled 'sickness'. That work had a characteristic form - with sleeves widening to the end and a dress of unusually long length. I decided to push this form further, exaggerating the narrow shoulders and the extended arms. 

I drew many dresses shaped with sharply pointed shoulders and with long and narrow arms, and then condensed these features further. As I made this piece I consciously controlled the shape of dress. 

I un-picked some fine wire-mesh used to protect Japanese rooms from insects and knitted with this as my yarn. The result surprised me. The fabric was so lightweight yet kept enough tension to support the shape and position of the entire dress, even although the shoulders were so narrow.