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Materials: Jute 
Techniques: Hand Knitting and Crochet. Shrinking & creasing by stitches, using quilting thread 
Size: 180cm x W 72cm
Date Made: 1998 

In this piece, I try to express my emotions at one particular moment of my life, when I struggled with myself to accept a truth. Sometimes when the mind is hit sharply by a wave of shock it withdraws into itself as if leaving the body. When the mind retreats like this, without releasing or acknowledging its shock, it can become even heavier, moving deeper into the depths, and slipping into darkness. 

I made this dress at such a period, when I felt I might easily drown myself in the dark. Perhaps through the process of making I wanted to come out from this darkness. I had a strong feeling the colour needed to be dark blue and the size of the dress had to be bigger. 

The thread used for this dress was jute (hemp). I increased the number of knitted pieces, layering and overlapping them on top of each other, shrinking them by using stitches to crease them, and repeating the process of dyeing until reaching to the stage where the colour I searched for appeared with a deeper effect.